Things to know about the Off The I team.

What do you need to know about Andy?
  • My mother said my Dad and I were gypsies at heart.
  • I am an English major, not because I am good at grammar, but because I love to read, especially books that take me places.
  • Cooking is not a dirty word to me. Washing dishes is.
Why did I chose Susan Harrison to join me Off the I?
Theater, photography, Route 66, and Gin and Tonics. Oh yea, and she inspired our children in her high school history classes. You’ll have to go on a trip with us to get the full version of the story.
What do you need to know about Susan?
  • My great grandmother inspired my love of history while we shelled peas.
  • I love animals.  Andy sometimes has to drag me away from animals we find on our travels. There was a snake encounter in the Oconee Station Park that did not need an Andy intervention for me to leave.
  • A Gazetteer beats out Google maps.

Why do I love to travel with Andy? 
A shared love of Bombay Sapphire once the work is done, a Rosenwald school, the Ritz theater and the “Let’s see where this road goes!” spirit.

We can’t wait to meet you on our Off theI travels and hear your story.